Thirty years’ experience in the production of pleasure boats

3B CRAFT is an Italian boatyard with features and numbers that are still those of a craft enterprise, further from the big numbers of mass-production, with over thirty years’ experience and hundreds of pleasure boats constructed. The shipyard is located in Fano (PU), in the Marche region, where all its fibreglass pleasure boats are built.

3B CRAFT is mostly present on the Italian market, especially in the segment of sport fishing boats with inboard diesel engines, on which the boatyard built his success and that boasts a large customer, particularly among recreational sea anglers of a certain level. 3B CRAFT wants to satisfy the desires of its customers and strives to make them appreciate the true value of excellence of 3B CRAFT brand, an excellence made up of unique details and quality objects.

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2014 marks an important turning point for 3B CRAFT: thanks to its consolidated experience in building technologically advanced sport fishing boats over the years, always estimated as a valid alternative to the American contender production, the company gradually expanded its range, focussing on the outboard boats market.

With the creation of LX and CC series 3B CRAFT launched a new phase and began creating boats characterized by a perfect balance between pleasure and passion for recreational fishing, revealing a willingness to look to the future without forgetting the past; this turned out to be the right choice, considering the success achieved in just a few years.

All pleasure boats produced by the boatyard 3B CRAFT are entirely built in Italy; each model in 3B Craft range reflects the attention to detail and the style excellence of Italian manufacturing. The unique style of 3B CRAFT boats is the result of a great combination between high-performance hulls, designed with fascinating lines, and high-level fishing boat decks.

3B CRAFT is able to meet the requests of the most demanding customers who seek personalized solutions on a unique, exclusive and built to order boat. 3B CRAFT boats especially stands out for optimal performances and high quality standards, beginning from the details of fibreglass manufacturing, solid structures and a modern and functional design. Its design shapes the Italian essence behind the brand, with constant focus on the current development, but still however linked to the tradition, seeking inspiration from the mainly blazoned American biggest brands.

3B CRAFT’s production is marked by the craftsmanship, the use of top quality materials and the interior design, aimed at offering the highest levels of comfort and a liveable style; unique in technical installations, quality accessories, optimisation of space both inside and outside, detailed finishes and elegant living solutions, with high levels of personalisation of every model.